MANAGE. A selection of projects we've assumed management roles over.

Storage Manager

The ability to step in at short notice to manage and refine the customer’s storage delivery and management capability differentiated our people and our skills.

We have been able to develop managerial capabilities from technical mentoring to team leader; from domain specialist to team management. We perform all these management functions including the management of a 30+ member storage team for extended periods of time.

Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure management is about ensuring services are available and able to support business functions. We have experience managing highly complex systems, and have the skill required to reduce complexity and therefore risk.

In a complex environment with a large number of devices to manage, errors can take days to detect. Using our knowledge of NetBackup we provided a process to interrogate over 500 master servers for backup state twice a day. This was a significant improvement form the manual process which achieved less than 10% coverage per day. Backup success rates were significantly improved.

Issue Management

One of the more challenging tasks support staff has to negotiate is the management of “unique” support cases with vendors. Experience has uniquely positioned us to be able to reduce time to resolution.

As a customer advisor we have:

  • Avoided service outages by validating code fixes on isolated hardware
  • Replicated customer environments to recreate and validate failure modes which “could never exist”
  • Traced system calls to identify why configuration settings were not being applied any why

These types of capabilities drive successful and timely resolution of issues, issues with the potential to significantly impact customer and vendor alike.

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