DESIGN. A selection of projects we've assumed technical design authority on.

Oracle Dev/Test workflow optimization

Hand-crafted Oracle solution - designed to provide functionality which is not possible with the NetApp tool set. The workflow included:

  • Restoration of production backups into multiple “golden images”
  • Presentation of these backups to multiple clients using Flex Clones
  • Management and ageing of clones and backups
  • Improvement in the NetApp tools to better balance IO over multiple paths

Results achieved for the customer:

  • Reduced time to provision databases by 80%
  • Reduced storage requirements by 91%
  • Ability to support over 160 cloned databases at any one time (limited by operating system constraints)

Remote NetBackup Design

A remote non-core facilities NetBackup solution designed to meet customer data storage requirements that can be managed by the customer’s Operations Team with minimal overhead.

We also provided high level support for migration teams undertaking backups to the environment which included:

  • Deployment of networking infrastructure, the
  • Management of power budgets within racks
  • Re-purposing of legacy network links

Templated Backup Design Documentation

Using a previously developed tool set we automated the generation of large and complex storage designs.

Benefits included:

  • Time saving approach to programmatically generate this backup design inclusive of the commands to perform a scripted deployment (bp* commands) for the customer
  • Ability to update a single spreadsheet and regenerated the document
  • Removal of transcription errors ensuring the deployment team has accurate and functional procedures.

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