DEPLOY. A selection of projects we've had majority responsibility for deploying.

SnapManager for SQL workflow

Provide a similar workflow as deployed within the Oracle environment to a Microsoft SQL Server environment.

SQL Server and SnapManager for SQL were used to deploy a turn-key solution to allow for the refresh and point in time restoration of cloned databases.

Benefits include:

  • A process to detect and delete orphaned snapshots pending a fix from NetApp
  • Improved time to resolution by allowing subject matter experts to deal with support
  • Customer free to perform assigned roles

Data ONTAP upgrades

Having designed, deployed, managed and rectified storage for many clients we are uniquely positioned to be able to assess secondary issues such as timeout and path issues before a simple upgrade becomes a major outage.

While the above approach may slightly increase the effort in performing upgrades we have been able to avoid service loss either by allowing the customer to address issues or by altering the upgrade process to minimize service outages. Being able to accurately manage user expectations is core to successfully performing changes.

Storage Lifecycle Management

The biggest issue is balancing time to decommission with the requirement to provide service.

A holistic view of IT services has been applied to effectively manage numerous complex refreshes. For example, the decommissioning of multiple STK Powder Horn libraries to make available floor space for Data Centre expansion. The migration of data was undertaken from the LTO-1/2 media within multiple Powder Horn libraries to LTO-3 based STK SL10000 libraries. This was achieved without impact to active backups and completed within a timeframe allowing the data centre service provider to perform room refurbishment.

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